miércoles, 23 de abril de 2014

Task: Fashion Week Commentators

Watch the following video of a catwalk and describe the clothes which the models are wearing. Don't forget to use adjectives to comment on the patterns, materials and style.

Record yourself doing this task using a tool like Soundcloud and upload your recording to the blog. Here you are a tutorial to know how to use it Soundcloud tutorial (in Spanish). If you prefer, you can use Vocaroo, here you are the tutorial to know how to embed your audio in Blogger.

Useful Websites for Students Preparing for PET exam

lunes, 7 de abril de 2014

Speaking part 3

As you know, in this part of the exam you will need to describe a photograph on your own for about 1 minute.


General description
  • General introduction (general description of the scene)
    • In this picture I can see...
    • This picture/photograph shows...
    • This is a picture of...
Describing the people in the photograph
  • Where are they?
    • There's a group of people opposite the cathedral.
    • There's a man sitting in his office.
  • Who are they?
    • They could be tourists.
    • They are probably tourists.
    • He might be a business man.
  • How old are they?
    • He could be in his 40s (forties).
    • Maybe they're middle-aged / in their twenties.
  • What are they wearing?
    • They're wearing comfortable clothes.
    • He's wearing a smart suit.
  • What are they doing?
    • They've stopped walking to have a rest.
    • He's working on his computer.
  • How do they feel?
    • They look like they're having fun because...
    • Perhaps they are tired because...
    • He seems to be bored because...
    • It seems as if he was bored because...
Describing the place
  • What is where?
    • In the foreground / the background there is...
    • Between...there is /are...
    • The girl on the right...
    • In the middle there are...
    • He's in an office. Outside the window I can see a park in the background.

#ELTPics - Flickr by Zoetnet

These are some words and phrases which you could use:
many people are
neighbourhood / city centre
there are
I think
in the background
light clothes
menu board
menu boards
they look like
sleeveless shirts
They could be
purses and bags


Record yourself doing this task using a tool like Soundcloud and upload your recording to the blog. Here you are a tutorial to know how to use it Soundcloud tutorial (in Spanish).

Our PET Class

Dear students,

Here it is at last our blog, an extension of our classroom walls and our window to the world. I will post some speaking activities from time to time so that you have more opportunities to speak, some tips for the exam, resources you can use and so on.

Preparing for an exam it is important because it means more opportunities to find a better job and many times it is compulsory if you want to ask for a scholarship or study a master's degree. However, I would like you to remember one important thing, exams and certificates are papers but being able to speak English and communicate with people from all around the world is just magic. So keep this in mind and practise as much as possible.